timber framing

The term joinery refers to the exact and system-compatible combination of cut-to-size beams and timbers for further processing, e.g. into a truss wall, beam layer or roof construction.



You send us your plan and we will make you an offer according to your wishes and needs.


On receipt of the order, our experienced team will take care of even the most difficult tasks. Our team consists of 8 technicians. We are happy to clarify detailed questions with your architect or structural engineer.


We plan and project your building project with the latest CAD software. The creation of the CAD data of timber frame, log and solid timber houses as well as the most difficult roof trusses, halls, bridges, etc. are then carried out by our qualified employees.


According to your specifications, the exactly fitting interchangeable connections are produced. Also recesses for beam carriers, staked out pins and dovetail connections are part of our scope of services. We also offer various profiles for rafter and purlin heads. This can only be achieved with great precision using modern CNC-controlled machines. Even if steel parts have to be incorporated, we can fall back on a technically mature machine park.

Three modern Hundegger joinery lines form the heart of our company. These include a high-performance Hundegger K2i with a throughput width of 400mm to 1250mm, the flexible units of which are used for all joinery work.


The required materials such as solid structural timber, glulam and solid wood are provided on time. On request, we can also put together a package of the required laths, counter frames, wedge planks, formwork, etc. for you.

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