timber frame construction

Are you planning to build a wooden house?

The wooden elements needed for the construction of your house are prefabricated in our factory and delivered according to your wishes and ideas in different stages of construction. You have the choice which expansion stage is suitable for you.

The possibilities range from one-sided planked, insulated, to a closed element.

Rombach's wide range of products makes it possible for all the services we provide for the construction of your house to be combined according to your wishes. It doesn't matter whether the elements are made of solid wood for the outer shell, wooden frame walls in the living area or perfectly bonded beam layers and roof trusses. On request, we can also put together a package of the required laths, counter frames, wedge planks, formwork, etc. for you.

Compared to a house built of stones and bricks, timber frame houses have the big advantage of a short construction time and also lower construction costs.

We are a member of the Deutscher Holzfertigbau Verband e.V. and are regularly inspected, which means for you that your quality requirements are always met.


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