Dowel laminated Timber

Old technology redefined

The Rombach dowel laminated timber is an in-house development by Rombach.
It is characterised by the fact that its wooden layers are connected without glue & metal, only with beech wood screws.

The cross-shaped connection with our award-winning full-thread hardwood screw makes the Rombach dowel laminated timber uniquely dimensionally stable.

Through the use of this technology, the Rombach dowel laminated timber can be used as a static disc. The threads result in a friction-locked and positive connection. This minimizes swelling of the dowel laminated timber.

Our NUR-HOLZ wall elements complement these unique, ecological ceiling and roof elements perfectly. Further information under NUR-HOLZ.

Of course, you will also receive all the set woods you need for your construction.

Further information can be found under the heading Joinery.

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